Ryokan ManteiFoods and Wine
Foods and Wine

The foods served are Kaiseki, a Japanese degustation using locally caught fish,
meats and produces as main ingredients. Only French cuisines are served every
Wednesday night.
Plenty of varieties of wine are stocked.


an Example of Kaiseki Menu

Bream Carpaccio Seasoned with Olive Oil and Balsamico Vinegar
Clear Soup with Aosa Seaweed
Thin Sliced Sashimi of Plaice, Bonito and Sea Urchin flavoured with Soy and Citrus Juice
Sauted Foie gras and Cooked Aubergine with Soy and Dashi
Grilled Silver Cod Seasoned with Mirin Wine and Miso
Sardine Bouillabaisse with Tofu and Shimeji Mashrooms
Prawn rolled by Rice Paper Seasoned with Plum Sauce
Miso Soup with Clam
Cooked Rice
Green Tea Cake and Fruits

an Example of French Menu

Saumon au Marines
Kahe Famee Avec Salade de Cresson
Foie gras Sauter et Carotte Julienne
Salade de Poisson Poelee Sauce Basilic
Filet de Boeuf et Legumes

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